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InvTetris for Silverlight 2 updated!

I’ve updated my Inverse-Space Two-Player Silverlight-2 tetris game.
It now features three game modi, customizeable controls and
uses the final of Silverlight 2.

Just to remind you, this is how it looks like:

Games · Silverlight

InvTetris – Inverse-Space Two-Player Tetris

Around one week ago I felt like working on a game that I could -actually- finish in a reasonable time-frame. This is the result:

InvTetris is a two-player Tetris game in which you play in your opponents’ space.

You can play the game here:
— Removed Link, you can play Two Way Box instead! —

I hope you’ll have some fun playing it~ (:

*** Controls ***
Move Left       – A
Move Right    – D
Drop              – S
Turn Left       – C
Turn Right     – V

Move Left     – Left
Move Right   – Right
Push             – Up
Turn Left      – O
Turn Right    – P

1. Custom controls are going to be the implemented in the beta version of InvTetris, sorry for now!
2. Moving blocks after placing them is implemented, but still needs some tweaking before it can go live.

I’d like to thank squidi for the original idea; visit his great website
to read his game-ideas. NegSpace Puzzle