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The Legend of Zelda: Black Crown featured!

My little fan game project The Legend of Zelda: Black Crown is the Featured Project over at Zelda Fan Game Central! \o/ You can discuss it on the Forum Thread or take a look at the Wiki Entry.

For any of you that have missed the game, here are some screenshots and the download link. It requires Windows, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 ( and a GPU that supports Shader Model 2.0. Please poke me if you have any feedback or ideas on how to improve the game!

Don’t forget to use the Zelda Updater after installing the game to get the latest patch.



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Fract: Real-time Shader Viewer


Fract allows you to edit shader (.fx) files written using HLSL and
immediately see the changes within Fract. It is primarily meant to create and
explore Fractals. See the “Readme Please.txt” file for further information.

Fract requires, besides a min Shader Model 3.0 graphics card, the following to be installed:
Microsoft .NET 4.0 (
Microsoft XNA 4.0 ( or Microsoft XNA 3.0 (
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Super Shapes – my first WPF application

Supershapes by Tick - Image 1

– Download-Link – (.Net 4.0 required to run)

Super shapes are fascinating completely mathematical shapes that are created using the ingenious Super Formula.

Recently I wanted to give Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), the new WinForms, a go. I’ve created Super Shapes applications before using OpenGL and XNA, but neither had a nice interface nor many features.

Follow this Link to see how the program looks like. The user interface should be in English on your computer, unless you’ve also got a German OS like me.


  • simple creation of countless different shapes by simply adjusting the parameters on the right.
  • templated shapes to allow for a quick-start
  • saving & loading of shapes (stored in human-friendly XML format)
  • zooming using the mouse-wheel
  • dragging of the shape by holding the left mouse button