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Zelda video’n shots

TLoZ: BC is a free offline hack and slash RPG, best compared to Diablo.
In BC you hunt for the best items, steadily improving your stats and talents!

Here are some new screenshots and a simple gameplay video.

Game Download

Don’t forget to get latest patch by using the Zelda Updater! Requires  Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1

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Fractals on the Gpu

I finally started the long journey to learn How-To-Program-My-Own-Graphics-Card.
My choice of language was C#. And as such I’ve decided to use XNA as the graphics API. And HLSL as my shader language.

I’ve always loved fractals. My dad used to draw them using Q-Basic on his old 33 MHZ computer. A simple black-and-white colored drawing of the Mandelbrot Set took 2 (TWO) hours to execute!

Today I’ve written a colored-version that runs in real time, without any lag.
Here’s the result:


And so it began …

What a day! This is my very first post on a blog ever! This blog is mainly going to be about game, application and tools programming. About new .net technologies like Silverlight, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and XNA. About best practices and design patterns. And to not forget also about my own games. All in all something for programming geeks!

Of course I’ve to explore how everything works now~ Let’s start with something simple like how to embed a Google Video I’ve recently uploaded.

It was orginally a test of proof of my implementation of a Component based Entity-system and the integration of the great Farseer Physics Engine. I actually wanted to extend FlyWeight to be a real game,
but it’s pretty hard to create a ‘fun’ game that is based on physics. Maybe I’ll get back to it in the future.

Another, pretty new, 2D Physics engine for .net is Box2DX. It’s a c# port of the new version of the famous Box2D C++ physics engine from Erin Catto. From what I’ve seen, integration of Box2DX shouldn’t be very hard either. Awesome work.

Let me say some words about, I must say I prefer it over YouTube. It simply feels much better. I’ve also had some problems with uploading exactly that video to YouTube while it worked like a charm on GoogleVideo. *shrugs*

You can find the other videos I’ve made of FlyWeight here, and here.

More blogging soon! This is fun (: WordPress rocks!!

Since Google Video is now dead all videos have been reuploaded to YouTube.
Btw: YouTube now has all the features that were missing back then when I complained about it. ;)