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What a great week!

Whee! I’ve updated all of my Silverlight and .net applications that I’ve posted!
Just to remind you, It is PDC week – the biggest developer event of the year!
I’m having a blast watching all the new videos at Channel 9 and the live stream.

They have shown some great new innovations on PDC so far.
You can find out what is new in C# 4.0 here.
Dynamic languages are going to be first class citizens in .net 4! Whee!

And… another great announcement:
The public beta of The Legend of Zelda: Black Crown is going public this week,
hopefully one day after the release of Microsoft’s XNA3.

Just to show off my (updated) Super Shapes application,
you can find information about the it here:

[ Super Shapes | a WPF application ]

– download here
– original posting here