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The Legend of Zelda: Black Crown featured!

My little fan game project The Legend of Zelda: Black Crown is the Featured Project over at Zelda Fan Game Central! \o/ You can discuss it on the Forum Thread or take a look at the Wiki Entry.

For any of you that have missed the game, here are some screenshots and the download link. It requires Windows, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 ( and a GPU that supports Shader Model 2.0. Please poke me if you have any feedback or ideas on how to improve the game!

Don’t forget to use the Zelda Updater after installing the game to get the latest patch.




4 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda: Black Crown featured!

  1. Congratulations :3

    I just gave your game another try after all this time, and it’s much more playable from the outset, enemies can’t just maul you into oblivion and there’s some knockback in place.
    I noticed there’s not a lot of exp gain from the initial enemies, but I literally only played a minute or so, so I’m not going to comment on that (more than I already did :3)

    I can see you’ve been working on it a lot though ^^

    1. Thanks! Quite a bit thanks to your feedback ^_~.

      The starter skeletons only give 1 exp each. The enemies you will meet next give more! Also you will find yummy Carrots that give +1 Exp each. Might also want to craft some of these +Exp gain gems! And lets not forget about these Blue Plants..! To sum it up; I think there is quite some experience out there to quickly gain some neat levels. :3

      Not to say that every leveling range is perfectly balanced in required game time. //(RPG balance is hard)//

      1. I’ll definitely check it out!
        I wanted to have a look at how you deal with collisions, as I’m looking for a really good, efficient way to deal with real time combat.
        I noticed that it’s not as easy to recompile anymore, unless I’ve just lost my touch completely.

        And, you’re welcome on the feedback! ^^

      2. For the first broad-collision phase I am using a loose Quad Tree that is kept up-to-date.
        Another way you could check out is a simple axis-aligned grid. Accessing elements within a grid would be even faster than using a quad tree.

        The second phase is a simple Axis-Aligned Rectangle to AAR intersection test over all elements within the quad tree node(s).
        See Atom.Scene.QuadTree2 in Atom.Game.2D.dll and Atom.Math.Rectangle in Atom.Math.dll.

        What are you using to decompile it? I’ve not really changed anything to make it harder!^^

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