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Zelda video’n shots

TLoZ: BC is a free offline hack and slash RPG, best compared to Diablo.
In BC you hunt for the best items, steadily improving your stats and talents!

Here are some new screenshots and a simple gameplay video.

Game Download

Don’t forget to get latest patch by using the Zelda Updater! Requires  Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1

24 thoughts on “Zelda video’n shots

  1. This game is just awesome, countless hours of fun…one thing i noticed and like all the big zelda fans i would appreciate, is the change of “chickens” to “cuckoos” it’d give the game a more zelda feel, congratulations ont his work, it’s fenomenal…

    1. Whoa! Thank you. It’s great to know that you had a good time with the game. :)
      Yes, I agree – some more zeldaish elements would be nice to have.

      Anything else you’d like to see improved?

      1. Well…more enemies, more quests, more areas, armors that change the colour of link’s tunic, more everything, but i know that it’d be lots of job four you xD, u just asked…on a side note, i don´t know what to do after i warp in some kind of parallel world i just kill and kill the gorons and keeses but i can´t figure out what to do :(, i’d appreciate some help, and again, awesome game, you’re awesome dude.

      2. Heh. That’s a lot of work! You must slay the Green Goron in the east and use the teleport item that he drops.
        Oh, please don’t forget to use the updater! There were a few patches since the last installer.

      3. there is a green goron?! maybe it must be my color configuration or something, but all gorons there are red, i guess i’ll just kill them all :D thx for the help, i use the updater every three times i play the game so i guess it’s updated.

      4. In case you haven’t found him yet: He is in the east near all those spiders.
        I might find some time and will to code a little on the game soon. But I can’t promise a new patch just yet. :)

        New patch is up!

  2. It’d be nice if the gameplay were faster.
    Although, watching the video made me lol, when you were catching up on a fireball you’d launched.

  3. Also, why is everything so incredibly strong, compared to the player? The first enemies are gods comparatively, with every enemy requiring the TLOZ:BC equivalent of kiting to literally grind their HP down enough to gain their mighty 1 exp point. Making me wonder, what the hell are the later enemies like..

    I went back to play this game again following my above post, having forgotten why I never saw any other areas:
    because the attacking motions are so slow, walking is painfully slow, projectiles are almost casual in their distance/speed travelling, and the reward/effort ratio is so skewed in favour of grind that there simply isn’t a ratio at all.
    The cool down on attacks are pretty insane too, and collisions seem to be handled by the ineffective rectangle.intersect method or equivalent, meaning that I’m struck at extremely odd times, and my attacks occasionally pass through enemies.
    (For why it’s ineffective: )

    There’s no incentive to play, as you can see from the outset what awaits you:
    Endless grind for almost no reward.

    Which is a shame, as the game itself has an interesting idea, one that I had intended to borrow, but with the intention of including a difficulty curve.

    1. Hey, hello! First, thank you for your feedback. :)

      Second, with what verson did you play? The patch from 01 June 2012 has increased base movement speed of the player and projectiles. But it still might not be enough? I am still tuning all those values. The video is pretty old and doesn’t really show the current state. Most noticeable the night-time color.

      What stat, talent spec and difficulty did you choose? I do still want to buff some of the melee attacks. Maybe a simple cooldown reduction could do the trick. Maybe make “Spell Haste/Cast Time Reduction” reduce the cast time of Whirlwind.
      The game shouldn’t require kiting at all on the lower difficulties, unless some really strong monster wanders to your place from the other side of the map.

      You are not happy with enemy – player collision? I see. I’ll place checking of all the bounding rectangles on my to-do list.
      I understand your problem with attacks going “through” enemies. That’s because collision is only checked once when you press the button and not continuously.

      What kind of reward would you like to see? Yes, this game is not for you if you don’t like grinding for the best gear, stats and talents. :S
      Can’t wait to see your game. :D Looking forward to your response. Thank you! :)

      1. I completely understand that the game is about grinding, but it shouldn’t be about grinding HP down on the weakest enemies the game (presumably) has to offer, in the first area.

        By reward, I simply mean the Exp to difficulty ratio of the enemies. When you enter the first area, the enemies are, for the sake of practicality, unbeatable, and when you factor in that they’re worth 1 exp each, combat is completely pointless.
        Most games start off with extremely easy to kill enemies in the first stage, and with a lower figure on exp to the next level, to get people hooked on the joy of the “ding”.

        MMORPG games especially, make it VERY easy to level at first, and then progressively harder, as you become addicted to the flash of the level up.
        It sounds stupid to say “addicted to levelling”, but one of my girlfriends used to spend days grinding millions of experience to level once, on a MMORPG that simply kept increasing the level cap, just out of reach for her. As far as I know, she’s STILL grinding to get to that level cap.

        I actually updated the game before the second post, I didn’t see any difference in projectile speed tbh, but it HAS been months since I played it last, and I didn’t play long that time either.

        I’ve not picked anything to buff, as I’ve not played long enough to make that decision; every enemy I saw was so godlike by comparison, I didn’t feel inclined to even continue.

        In regards to the actual gameplay, I’d simply recommend playing Link to the Past, and attempt to make the game more like that.
        Not so much for the ease of killing enemies in LttP, but the attacking speed, the knocking enemies back (even if you don’t actually harm them. It’s pretty damn frustrating that your sword swing is so insanely slow: if you roll a miss in BC, your enemies get a free shot, which makes taking damage feel cheap), and movement speed of the player/enemies (especially when they’re “aggro’d” on you).

        Talking of adjusting AI, I’ve actually had a couple of Skeletons with the latest patch just walk away from me, whilst I was kiting them, mere steps away. O.o

        I’ve linked a couple of people to the game previously, and I got pretty much the same opinions that I’ve stated, that the game is generally too slow.

        I assumed that the traits would make attacks faster, but as I’d have to grind far harder than any MMORPG to find out, seeing as I’d eventually have to kill SOMETHING, I just can’t bring myself to try it and see.

        To be honest, I decompiled the game in the hopes that it would easily recompile, so that I could just resolve the issues I had, and enjoy what looks to be a really quite fun concept (I’d have posted any changes I’d made though), but there’s simply too many errors for that xD

      2. Aaah, I see. It *is* required to get *some* offensive stats before your first fight or it will really take forever. E.g. 6+ Strength or Dexterity. Plus you better get and equip both a melee weapon and ranged weapon.
        Maybe I should *force* the investment of stats at character creation! Those 1xp skeletons are really easy then.

        Enemies give up and run back to their previous position if you don’t attack them.

        Sword speed does get less important when you get more attacks, such as Bash (at level 3) and Push Back (about levle 5).
        Don’t forget that you can use your bow too! You don’t have to wait for the attack animation to finish before you can move again.

        SwordLink *does* require some additional fun skill imho. Maybe some kind of quick charge (like the boots in ALTTP)?!

        I’ve released a patch just yesterday after my response. :D It changes base movement speed once again, increased starter weapon speed and improves/rebalances some ranged and magic skills.
        Not sure whether I am 100% happy with it yet.

        I am fine with people decompiling the code~ Just don’t poke me for some of the horrible stuff in there :’D. Cheers! ^_^
        Thanks again. You make me work on this once more ;)

  4. Ah, I see what you mean about the offensive stats, I gave myself 10+ str, and suddenly was able to kill those stalfos!
    Unfortunately, I put pretty much ALL of my points into str, and with the sword so difficult to use, I again found myself closing the game in irritation.

    When I say difficult to use, I mean that:
    I’m unable to swing the sword quickly, making the next issue a real problem.

    It’s extremely difficult to hit your enemy the first time, due to the range of the sword being much shorter than expected (facing towards the bottom of the screen, I was having to let the enemy strike me before I could retaliate), or even fair.

    For the sake of convenience, I recorded a small portion of LttP combat:

    As you can see, Link knocks the enemy back regardless of causing damage, but, if you don’t cause the enemy damage, you’re also knocked back, making it a stalemate for both sides, especially in rooms with pits, or multiple enemies.
    You can also see that, whilst I can’t move, I’m able to swing the sword considerably faster, making the combat much faster paced, and missed swings not so much of an issue.
    I also find that the sword’s hit radius is pretty much EXACTLY what I expect, whereas in BC, I find myself perplexed as to why I miss on some swings, and hit on others.

    I went and downloaded Fraps to give an example from BC:

    14-16 seconds, I swing and hit, then swing and miss, and the enemy is only JUST not in the area that it was previously (it actually appears to be closer..)
    20 seconds in, I swing and hit, when I’m pretty sure that was further away than the 16 second miss. (there’s some odd movement too, why IS that?)
    30- 36 seconds, I’m just completely confused by why I’m missing (I understand it in a technical sense, but as an end user, I’m frustrated), the sword APPARENTLY hits, but I’m not scoring a hit.
    38 seconds, I don’t even KNOW what’s going on with swinging and missing/hitting there ._.

    Btw, ignore the damage, I’ve not actually saved my game in months, due to “Oh ffs, eff this -alt + F4-” being how I end my game play.

    Also, I realised that your animations generally are quite slow, making everything appear much worse than it really is. I’m watching that video again, and from 28 seconds in, I’m finding myself realising that the world is actually really boring to look at. There’s nothing going on, the enemies don’t do that amusing doubletake/foot shuffle when they notice you that they do in LttP, the other enemy is stuck on a tree (there’s one in the bottom right, stuck on a hedge), the trees themselves are static, as are the flowers, the old man is doing nothing but turning, the enemies don’t turn their heads when they move.. Basically, if there’s no weather going on, man, is it boring!

    LttP just FEELS more responsive though, whereas with BC, I just find that everything feels sluggish.
    Seriously, go back to LttP, or any of the SNES-esque games, like Minish Cap, and try swinging the sword. It’s about a second to complete a swing, with a much larger hit radius.

    “You don’t have to wait for the attack animation to finish before you can move again.”

    You kinda do, seeing as you can only shave off the VERY end of what is almost a 2 second animation.
    I mean, sure, I can shoot my bow, and I was spamming both when I had to kite, but it still doesn’t resolve the fact that the sword is pretty worthless.

    “Enemies give up and run back to their previous position if you don’t attack them.”
    I WAS hitting them, and one of the ones I hit actually just went “Yeah, eff this.” and walked off leaving me like this: .________________.

    I feel like I’m just ragging on the game constantly, but I’ve not gotten to a part of it that I actually enjoyed yet (the video looked like a lot of fun, but getting to that stage is apparently a tremendous chore QQ)

    On a side note, have you considered a leader board or online play of some kind?

    1. Wow again! Thank you for trying to help me make a game better that you don’t even enjoy much. :D

      The default melee hit boxes are definitely off. They are right up there in improving MeleeLink now.
      I’ll also try a faster animation speed for the standard attack. This will not change balance much, since you spam many different attacks at higher levels.

      More ALTTP-like melee combat sounds like a good goal to work to.
      Later you actually want to get hit sometimes as a MeleeLink because of the Enrage Talent: chance to gain +% damage when hit

      Miss/Parry currently work the following:
      Miss: No damage, no push back
      Parry: No damage, push back

      Did you make those videos with the patch from yesterday? How do you like the changes movement speeds?

      Improved/More animated sprites would be great to have. My spriting skills are almost non-existing. E.g. Those butterflies are by me. ^^’
      Do you have any suggestions/links to existing tile sheets? I haven’t hunted for new tile/sprite sheets for some time now.

      “I WAS hitting them, and one of the ones I hit actually just went “Yeah, eff this.” and walked off leaving me like this: .________________.”
      Strange. Sounds like a bug.

      Leaderboards: Yes! But how could we detect cheaters? It’s too easy to cheat in an offline game.
      Online: No, not with this game. You have to design your code for that from the start.

      :edit: New patch is online.

      1. Ah, I can’t post with the links to the sprites for some reason..

        Definitely much better with the new patch, projectile speed is fast enough that you can’t easily keep pace with them any more, but sword hit radius is still a little quirky, definitely better though, speed-wise. I killed a couple of enemies with a new character, without kiting or raising my stats.

        And, to be fair, the game was a LOT of fun when I had all the talents, but you can’t tell people “Yeah, the game is boring for like, 4 hours, THEN it’s a little more fun” and expect them to play xD;

        In regards to pushing the enemies back, I’d try pushing both link and the enemy back when a miss or parry occurs, and see how that goes.
        A small distance for a miss/parry, and a greater distance/speed for an actual hit.

        It sounds like a fairly stupid idea, but I’m confident that it’ll make multiple enemy combat quite a frantic affair, especially with enemies able to knock link around.

        About cheating, I’d try putting save data in a hashed format, or for a leader board, simply query what they’ve done, and how long they’ve played.
        You should be able to work out a fairly effective formula for working out the legitimacy of stat/exp/quest to time ratios.

        I know that you’d need to have gone into the project with online play in mind, for it to be a viable concept, I was just wondering if you’d seen like, Four Swords, and thought “Yeah, that’d be awesome with NetPlay!”

  5. Oh, and btw, your save file system is very easy to work out.

    I put all the stats to 2,147,483,647, the max int32 possible, and I ended up with minus HP (dead on start up, hilarious xD), then moved on to everything at a million and movement was impossible to control, so I ended up going with 100,000 for agility, leaving me with:

    Still super hard to control, but HILARIOUS to play with.

  6. I don’t think I even have a Twitter account, I’m not much for social networking sites.

    I can’t think of any specific sprites, but I can think of some games that might have useful sprites that you could use, I’ll have a look around later.

      1. Hey! The latest patch implements mid-air attack checks for (standard) melee attacks. What do you think? Cheers :)
        That game does look fun. *checks out*

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